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El futuro del Big Data, según el MIT

El MIT explica cómo muchos dispositivos se inspiraron en el Memex de Bush para los dispositivos actuales.El Big Data en el bolsillo de cada persona.

“Former Vice President of MIT Vannevar Bush’s concept of the Memex introduced for the first time the idea of an easily accessible way to find data. Today, we use everything from desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile phones to access the data we need instantly.

Join MIT Professional Education and CSAIL for a course on Big Data. These educational courses focus on challenges, scalability, and implementation of Big Data in the workplace. Led by MIT professors including Sam Madden and Daniela Rus and with course topics including data extraction, integration, and storage as well as Big Data algorithms and machine learning, you’ll learn about real world challenges and strategies associated with Big Data”.

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